Friday, May 30, 2008

Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility

My DVD-Encaustic with a Textile Sensibiltiy is out this week, December 9, 2009! To purchase here To see a sneak preview click here. You will need to mouse over the photo of me to begin!

This is an online version of a presentation I have given, and continue to give at the National Encaustic Conference in Boston.

I opened the door to encaustic from my perspective as a textile sculptor. The encaustic “medium” energized my work, and forever changed me.

I find myself in a niche offering encaustic workshops specifically for fiber and textile artists.
I witness the inventive world emerging from my students as they combine these familiar materials in new and unconventional ways. I have been surprised and delighted beyond my wildest dreams.

These two media complement and enhance each other, creating a sum greater than their parts. Perhaps by seeing this work you might be inspired to expand your choice of materials, and step into uncharted territory. You know, that place of "material naivete" where you start working with a new material, and the results are amazing. Then you spend the next few years trying to recreate what you achieved in that naive state.

This "show" is merely a stepping off point, and only scratches the surface of artists working in these two media. I plan to add artists on a regular basis.

Artists are Alphabetical, one image per, with a link to their websites